Fantasy Getaway

October 2-6, 2017

Join us in Aruba

European and Caribbean cultures collide on the Dutch island of Aruba! Lounge on powdery white beaches overlooking a calm blue sea, immerse yourself in the Bon Bini Festival featuring a showcase of traditional music and dancing, or dive into the Antilla to explore a ghostly undersea ship! 

Are You Craving a Vacation?

Anyone can earn it! Earn your all-inclusive trip for two to Aruba by sharing good food with good people! Between Feb 1 and July 21 you can eat your way to your next vacation by earning 2,000 points!



Enrollments 60 Per enrollment
(25 points on enrollment, 25 points upon 1st Q processed, 10 points for first party for both enroller and enrollee (order outside self))
Customer Q Setups 25
Per new customer Q of $100 or more
Per new customer Q under $100
Personal Sales 1 Every $100 in sales (excludes Q and Kit sales)
Builder Bonus 75

Each month you have 4 Q's and 2 Consultant enrollments

Fast Track 25 Per phase
100 total possible for both enroller and enrollee
Rank Up
Achieve new rank
for the first time



Keep track of your points with the Contest Progress Tracker


Lisa Atkinson

"I became a Consultant in October and only realized there was a Fantasy Getaway contest in January! Even with the contest ending in February, I decided that I could still win this thing. So I set the goal of doing 4-4-2 and made lots of phone calls! It came down to the wire, but I actually was able to earn my way! Something that I learned from all of this was that you don't have to be a seasoned Consultant to earn this trip. Just set the goal, be consistent, and go to work!"

Emily Anderson

"The Fantasy Getaway trip changed my business. I came away with a new vision for what I wanted to do, how to grow my business, and why I was doing this. I can say 100% that without that trip I wouldn't be doing what I am today with my business!"

Incentive Details

  • *Q’s must stay active for 3 months to count toward the contest.
  • The required Q amount is the order subtotal (product amount), not the budget amount. Points for Q setups are only awarded for new first-month Q orders, not existing Qs that are transferred to a new consultant, etc. If an existing Q customer enrolls as a consultant, 25 enrollment points would be awarded, but not the 25 points for the new Q setup. 
  • Only points earned between 12:00am MST February 1st through 11:59pm MDT July 21 will be considered for the trip. 
  • Non-commissionable items such as host benefit orders, consultant materials, etc. do not count toward personal sales.
  • The trip will take place Oct  2–6, 2017. If you win a place in the trip and are unable to attend, you will not be allowed to transfer your prize or to receive a cash reward. You will, however, receive a free registration for our next convention.
  • Meals and drinks at the resort, airport transfers to and from resort, airfare, one group activity, taxes, baggage, and tips are included. Checked luggage, travel to and from departure airport, and any additional personal expenses are not covered. 
  • The IRS considers our fantasy getaway trip as compensation, and will be reported on IRS form 1099-MISC.